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Lecson Hi-Fi

Lecson Amplifier

Lecson Amplifier

Vickers Hi-Fi

Vickers Hi-Fi

Classic Lecson Hi-Fi Sales and Service
Lecson Hi-Fi
Lecson AC1, Lecson AP3, Lecson AP1, Lecson AP1X, Lecson Classics, Lecson UK
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Vickers Hi-Fi
Specialists since 1967
8 Concorde Park, Clifton Moor
York YO30 4WT, England

We desperately need spares and
will give 75 for almost any set
in any condition,   150 working
and we pay the postage.

If you have an early Lecson,
we would like to hear from you.

Contact us by > > e.mail
Or visit our > > website
The classic Lecson AC1/AP3 pre and power
Designed by Boothroyd-Stuart (Meridian)

NB. we have no connection with the firm marketing AV & DVD players under the Lecson brand name and can not supply parts or service them.
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Lecson Hi-Fi Lecson Hi-Fi Lecson Hi-Fi